Thursday, September 23, 2010

One Night Stand

This ain’t jailhouse talk, this is real shit
I’m tired of these hoes, I need me a real woman to deal with
The right one, a pretty and polite one in search of a real man I’m hoping she might come
Kick it with me for a minute just to see what I’m about
And if you ain’t feeling me baby girl I’m out, I ain’t mad at you
All I’m tryna do is get to know you better, I’m attracted
Any brother could lay you across a mattress
But what about pleasure without sex?

Fuck the moon, your smile could light up the city at night, you’re a sun
I’m really hoping you turn out to be the one, I’m tryna get to know you

A little about me, you already know I’m a G with a-t-t-i-t-u-d-e
But only for those who do me no good
I can’t loosen me up but I feel like a positive relationship could
Every week I take a flight or take a cruise by myself
That’s something I wish that I could do with someone else
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not tryna come across like I’m lonely
But just tryna give you an opportunity to know me
I’m an asshole by nature and a gentleman too
I beat up bitch niggas but I promise to be gentle with you
I know your job got you stressed out, sweating out your hairdo
Put your feet up, let the King of the Ghetto take care of you
Tell me what your favorite food is and I’ll make it
And afterwards you don’t have to get naked, you’re respected
Not tryna be a special kind of fool
I’m a king and I need a queen to help me rule, I’m tryna get to know you

I’ve wasted a lot of time on these hateful chicks, these unfaithful and ungrateful chicks
I think it’s time for me to get what I deserve, don’t you feel like that?
If you can keep it real I can keep it real like that
You wouldn’t have to worry about me and another woman
You’d be my out in the open plus my undercover woman
Happy to have you on my arm, showing you off
Listening to what you have to tell me, never blowing you off
I know the sun won’t shine everyday
Sometime we’ll be in for bad weather, we can go through it together
Well I’m looking for my woman ‘cause she overdo
All I’m tryna do is see if she you, that’s why I’m tryna get to know you

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