Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Soul Mates

Never thought I'd fine someone so suitable
I think you're beautiful from your hair to your toe cuticle
I love you in my Subaru, or my work cubicle
Anything that you need to know girl I'll let you know for sure 'cause you are the one that I adore
Let me be the one your hearts searching for
I'll walk the longest mile, swim the deepest sea just to have you next to me
Girl we got the perfect chemistry, the perfect energy, when we're here baby its synergy
Can you feel me baby 'cause you are so fine
Baby girl you're oh so divine, and you're always on my mind
I can't even work. Girl I start to stutter, I can't dance and I can't jerk
Start to work backwards, girl my heart beats faster
Let me be your love master, when you leave me baby girl its a disaster
Girl I get a lil crazy babe whenever you leave my way
Can you come to where I am? Can you come please say yeah
I think about a shooting star, baby this love is crazy girl, its bizarre
But I really like it, yes I do for sure. Baby you are the one that I am searching for
You are beautiful baby you need no Maybelline. Baby you don't even need no apple sheen
You are the one that I wanna floss. I like your lips the way they are, don't need no gloss
Your body is a legend. Girl you got me singing like John Legend
Make me say "Oooh. Oooh. You're the one my heart's searching for. Don't let go. Give me more. I love it when you tell me hello"
Can I wrap you up? Keep you up? Kiss you up? Lick you up? Rub you up?
Tell you something, when I'm sick can you be my Robitussin?
Baby that is that. When I'm feeling down can you be my Dimetapp?
You're the one I miss. Baby you make me unball my fist
Girl you make me loose. Take that wall down, let's make a truce

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