Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wait Until Tonite

Not every post needs a lengthy explanation. Sometimes I just like posting songs that I enjoy. This happens to be one of them. Enjoy.

Warning this will be the first Young Gully post of many, as dude is one of my favorite rappers out today

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Super Bass

This video rubs me the wrong way and for some reason I can't put my finger on it.

If I was a father and I had a daughter and she was elementary school age I wouldn't let her listen to Nicki Minaj man. Why these girls even know that song well enough to put that routine together? It's not cute when your 7-year-old is singing Nicki Minaj songs. Just like its not cute when little kids use profanity. Kids are the future man. And it's not going to help the future if kids are aspiring to be Nicki Minaj.

Do kids know what Minaj in her name is referring to? They can't possibly. Or do they? Does that little girl singing on the Ellen show know that she wants to be Nicki Threesome when she grows up?

Sure, "Super Bass" is a radio friendly, poppy enough song. But Nicki Minaj got a catalog of shit kids shouldn't be listening to. I wonder if that girl's parents let her listen to the Nicki Minaj verse on Big Sean's "Ass" remix. I bet the parents were looking at their little girl singing a Nicki Minaj song like "She's so talented. She's gonna be famous one day." That's how kids get exploited. Parents having them doing shit they have no business doing because they look "cute".

Seriously, the kids these days are fucked. They don't stand a chance man.

Kids in elementary school having sex, singing explicit rap songs, creating Facebook accounts, having cell phones. Why can't kids just be kids? Innocent, naive, little kids. They shouldn't even be allowed to do those other things.

It might be the 21st century, but the qualities of a good parent haven't changed. People gotta start raising their kids right. I don't have any kids that I know about and I'm in no rush to have any kids. But I wanna make sure they get raised right man. My kids should be worried about playing around outside, getting dirty, and cooties. Not worrying about their Facebook profile picture. If you got a kid in the third grade taking bathroom mirror pictures to update their Facebook profile picture, you fail at being a parent. Facebook is a safe-haven for debauchery for adults. I couldn't even imagine being a child with that at my finger tips.

This whole thing got me feeling deterred man. Kids ain't kids no more. They just young lost souls with no guidance. Nobody guiding these kids. And if they are guiding the kids, they guiding them down the wrong paths.

When I was growing up, I had my dad and my older brother around to let me know if i was fucking up. They didn't try to be my best friend. They were my role models. There's a HUGE fucking difference. You don't gotta act like your child's best friend to teach them the difference between right and wrong. Matter fact, there should be some shit that you don't disclose with your parents. That's what makes the parental bond sacred. There's supposed to be some shit that I can't discuss with my parents until I hit a certain age, or if I do discuss it, its with kid gloves. You shouldn't be talking to your mom about this chick that sucked you off behind the bleachers, or the handjob you got. You shouldn't be talking to your dad about girls giving you hickeys & if you do, your dad should be like "Leave them fast ass girls alone".

I just realized there are no more "fast ass girls" anymore these days. All the kids are sex-deprived superfreaks with camera phones. Nowadays it's not "Do you like me? Yes or No". It's "What's your number? I'ma text you a nekked picture". Kids at 10-11 years old taking pictures in their underwear and sending them to their friends. Like I said man, no guidance.

Kids listening to Nicki Minaj on the radio, watch Basketball Wives on TV WHERE NONE OF THEM ARE EVEN MARRIED. Kids can Google sextapes, porn, play Mature video games. They have Twitter accounts. They can watch "16 & Pregnant" on TV. At some point yall gotta stop expecting school teachers and TV and your favorite rapper to be parenting these kids. It's not a school teachers job to parent a kid. Not everyone needs to be a parent either.

Nicki Minaj is a grown ass woman, with bills to pay, who does what she needs to do to provide for herself and her family. Not Nicki Minaj, or no other person in the entire music industry or sports world, has the responsibility of raising your kids. If your kid does something stupid, you can't blame Lil Wayne. You need to blame your dumbass self for being a poor parent.

Just because you're old enough to get an erection or old enough to have your period doesn't mean you should be a parent. I respect people that get abortions, or put kids up for adoption. If you ain't ready to be a parent, it's simple. DONT BE A PARENT. There are MILLIONS of people who wish they could have kids but can't. And if you can't raise them the right way, give them away.

Know how many gay and lesbian couples are living financially comfortable but physical can't have kids? Let them adopt from unfit parents. Who gives a shit if you have two moms or two dads. If you would have a better chance at being raised right, they need to go with that setup. I'm just fucking tired of seeing kids do dumb shit because parents aren't being parents. This ain't about your work schedule either. If you working 2-3 jobs you can still be a parent. Or foster some type of environment to where your children are being guided properly. Some kids can be raised properly with one parent. Some need more role models. Whatever you gotta do, do it man.

Shit like this just makes me realize that so much of what we entertain and put effort in is meaningless. If it ain't improving my life, or the life of the next generation, then why even do it?

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

No Regrets

Stefan sent me this video today and it was so moving that I immediately had to post it. Just watch this first.

It raises so many points that can be used in so many walks of life. Whether that's work, school, on even on a more personal level. Too often people settle for complacency. You need to drive for what you feel that you deserve, even if that comes with sacrifices. And if you aren't willing to make sacrifices, then you really don't want to achieve those goals.

Also, a bonus video:

“Wise woman told me that if you stay in a situation that you don’t like… you don’t dislike it as much as you think."

Monday, August 29, 2011

Handcuffs On Ya Mama

It's sad that someone would enter into a relationship with someone they don't see themselves having a future with just to pass the time. In that scenario, someone isn't being honest with the other and false expectations are presented. Which ain't cool. If you can't be honest with that person about what you mean to each other & where you see this whole thing playing out, what your life like?

I had a situation where I let her know from the jump that we were just friends. Nothing less, nothing more. She ended up catching feelings, which is understandable, but we're still cool to this day because we were both honest with each other I don't feel any sense of leading her on, just for sex. We both were upfront about our physical needs.

I don't know man. I just feel like I'm past the stages of lying just to get the pussy. What you won't do, another one will. Oh, I'll tell the small lie every now and then. Sometimes you gotta embellish with the best of them. But I'm too honest to run game. I like to look people in the eye and be 1000% honest with them. That way I don't feel bad about anything that I say.

I told a friend this past weekend that she's the manliest woman I've ever met in my entire life, and that it's really comforting. She took offense, of course, but when she figured out I wasn't joking and was being dead serious, we joked about it and moved forward.

I'm the person that if you need an honest opinion about a situation that you see unfolding in front of you, you can go to. I've hurt a lot of feelings with being honest but hurt feelings are temporary. Deception, & the feeling of being deceived, lasts a lifetime.

I remember I was talking to this one chick and she told me that we needed to fall back because she was "grieving after a loss". She told me she was grieving in May and hasn't hit me up since. That sure is a lot of grieving. Can't keep a real nigga like me down though. Better to get deceived now than down the road.

If I'm done with a person, I have to let them know. I thrive on getting closure. But that's just me. Not everyone takes the hard way out. Not everyone is mature enough to tell the other person "You could do so much better than me and we're just not ready for this right now".

Sometimes, that's just the way that the cookie crumbles. But that's why they sell cookies in packs. Some will always inevitably fuck up. If you bought one big ass cookie from like Subway and that shit fucked up, you'd probably demand a refund on the spot. Enough said.

I'm the oldest almost 24-year-old you will ever meet in your life.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Full House

This was my house in like 2003 I wanna say. This was after Hurricane Isabel came through. There were a lot of trees in our subdivision and every year we would just miss hurricane season. We got hurricanes and tropical storms but never anything this bad. This year was different though.

Me and my family evacuated from out of her house after neighbors came to our door telling us about all the swaying trees hovering over our house. We had intended to wait in our laundry room huddled up and weather the storm, like we always did. We rushed over to a neighbor’s house across the street and I stood under their front awning and watched every tree fall on my house. Every. Tree.

That’s my car there too. I had just turned 16 and I had like 2-3 more months before I got my driver’s license. I was so excited to drive and then this happened. My insurance company didn’t cover it either. They gave me some bullshit excuse saying that my parents didn’t have liability insurance or something. This is where my distrust of insurance companies began, but that’s neither here nor there.

The next day, picking up the pieces of our house was crazy. Everyone was walking past our house, taking pictures of the damage and stuff. This isn’t a news story, this was my home. For the next 2-3 weeks we weren’t allowed to stay there. Meaning we bounced from relatives house to house. Living out of our car. Taking showers and washups standing in front of bathroom sinks at rest stops and shit. I had a big life crisis you can say, where I even went as far as to question how God could allow this to happen to me. I was the good kid, the obedient kid, the studious kid. The studious kid who was now temporarily homeless. That was definitely the lowest point of my life, up until this point. I don’t know if there will ever be a point lower than that.

When I say I don’t regret anything that’s happened in my life I truly mean it. This is how I came up with my motto that it’s “Better to live with reject than live with regret”. During that 2 weeks where we bounced around looking for a temporary place to stay I thought about all the stuff I hadn’t done in life. All that I felt I was missing out on. How things could have turned out so differently. And I made a promise to myself that I would never be able to look back at my life and regret anything ever again. A promise that I will never allow myself to break to myself. Ever.

Some people get dealt shitty cards in life. And others just don’t know the rules of the game that they’re playing.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Total Request Live

Top 40 radio will never be what it used to be, and it has nothing to do with money. It’s all about selective conditioning.

Most artists out today on major labels don’t write their own songs. Most record labels employ teams of songwriters to write songs. The record label pays people to come together and write songs to beats they’ve selected, and they choose the one they want. After they’ve picked the one they want to hear created, it’s created. Now that it’s created, the record label decides which songs to place on the album, and which songs to release as singles. Then once they’ve picked singles, they decide how they want to wine and dine the radio station execs to get their songs played all day long

If you’re spending all of that money, why would you invest all of that money into creating something that will empower people? If you’re spending millions of dollars creating inspirational anthems, that could inspire millions of people to create change. This society is capitalistic at its source, so once you’ve gained financial freedom you don’t want to inspire people to be where you are. You want the class divide to remain because you benefit from that. Anything else is detrimental to you. It’s much better to use your millions to subliminally get in the minds of people all over the country to dissuade them from achieving change

If people heard 4 times an hour a song like Big KRIT’s “Hometown Hero” that could pose significant problems to the current class structure. It doesn’t benefit record label execs to have people singing that the rap game is high school and life’s a hallway.

If people realized just how insignificant the material things they cherish really are, that would change spending habits, voting habits, etc. Basically, music that contains messages are invaluable. Therefore, the music industry pays a premium to dissuade those messages getting out. It’s more valuable to major label execs and their other affluent friends to have people singing “Gucci Gucci Louie Louie Fendi Fendi Prada”. These songwriters try to keep jobs, so they keep providing these songs that are dumbing down others. They have families to feed. So, instead of actually putting real topics into their songs, they try to think of different ways to put Moscato in the song

Sure, a radio exec could really like a song, and it could be commercially fine, but will that song garner them the most payola money? It’s one huge cycle that’s put in place to economically benefit everyone who contributes to aspiring people to not aspire to be anything.

“Did you know that record execs have people rate every song on an album and will only play those rated in the middle?” - @MTrible

I want artists like J. Cole and Big KRIT and Kendrick Lamar to prosper but it’s deeper than rap. It’s about mental conditioning. There’s absolutely no way that Def Jam or Roc Nation will be able to justify putting huge advertising dollars behind a inspirational project. Saigon’s album was delayed over 3 years and after listening to it it’s obvious why it was delayed so long, if released at all.

Every song on Saigon’s album has a different inspirational message in it. To saving our kids, to crooked preachers, to believing in yourself. You know how dangerous it is to have people singing “I’m on my way up. I don’t think yall hear me”?

It’s all about playing the game. And I would rather artists not play the game if they have to sacrifice integrity. At the same time, I realize that integrity doesn’t pay the bills. And fans don’t reward integrity.

The average fan will pay money to buy the “Racks on racks on racks” ringtone off iTunes but will wait for a free download link for J. Cole. So what is J. Cole to do? The fans have placed a value on his work that he creates in the realm he’s in now. It has no value. It’s free. So, if he wants to begin to gain some type of economic gains from his music, he must change his music & enter a new realm. So that’s why you get J. Cole re-interpolating Paula Abdul songs. Integrity doesn’t pay bills and is not rewarded in the grand scheme of things. And as long as J. Cole is signed to a 360 major label deal, nothing will change.

In 2011 there’s really no way for an artist to win unless their musical strengths coincide with major label’s mission and vision. It coincides with a major label’s mission and vision for Drake to be singing “All I care about is money and the city that I’m from”.

And that conditioning goes past most people’s heads, daily. Subliminal messages.

It is what it is.

Monday, August 8, 2011

4.28.1967 Pt. 2

See they don’t wanna listen so loud what I gotta be
Cuz my people are proud of the poverty
That got their sons shooting guns over dollar bills
He getting money snow or sunny but his daughter still read at a first grade level
And she 11 years old with her nose held high to the sky cuz she got her first purse made
On her birthday, she was singing “Birthday Sex”
Let’s skim right over what’s showing in plain sight
Looking the other way but knowing it ain’t right
Like over 50 shots now Sean Bell gone
Or a flashbang thrown in a little girl’s home
Aiyana Jones
Who? Aiyana Jones
One shot to the dome, she was 7 year’s old
It’s a shame
Imagine being daddy one day to putting your baby girl in a grave
Some things need to change
This ain’t a game
If you play into the mayhem you’ll be slaving ‘til the day you’re laying face up in a casket
With credit card sharks still asking if they can put your name on some plastic
Man it’ s a war going on outside no one is safe from
Heavy is the dark, a spark I’ma create one
Cuz a little light might be enough to make some stray from the ways of the slave
The pain of the hunger is enough to make a sane man put it to your brain for some money and a chain
And I don’t really blame em cuz if you’re in the game screaming “Money ain’t a thing” you resemble a filet
A lot of people saying that I’m preaching to the deaf
Man give that shit a rest
I’m going til the breath won’t come out a nigga’s chest
They in it for the checks
I’m in it cuz I wanna be remembered as a vet