Sunday, January 9, 2011

Let's Get Light: Fat Free

A lot of those articles were very heavy in content and kinda "too deep for the intro". So allow me to lighten the mood a little bit and post some videos that always bring a laugh and a smile to my face.


And only the best scene from the best movie of all time. OF ALL TIME

Fight Night

I hate TMI conversations. Usually it’s something I could go without hearing, for my own sanity’s sake. I think it aggravates me so much because the convos is always started off with “I know this might be TMI” or “Probably gonna be weirded out but”. No, that doesn’t give you free reign to still say whatever you were going to say. No one wants to hear about the sexual endeavors that you and your boyfriend are embarking on. At least I know I don’t. what you do is your business, and unless I feel like being just a complete asshole to you and telling you you will never know. There’s some stuff I’ve done that I’m taking to the grave. Yeah I said it.

I think it’s hilarious when females get mad that the person they have decided to become domesticated with and settle down with is not acting like the same person they fell in love with. There always seems to be a dramatic power shift once the relationship becomes official and people become more comfortable with their mate. It’s like they have to portray one side of them in order to lure the person in, but once they get a certain level of familiarity with the person then you don’t have to.

Here's an analogy that made sense in my head so I figured I would post it. Let's say you're a boxer that's trying to fight in a lower weight class. Normally, you regular boxing weight is around 170-180 but the guy at 160 is going to provide you a much bigger reward and much bigger challenge than anyone you could fight in your own weight class. So you take on the fight, and do your best to cut the weight while still maintaining your power, and what makes you you. You do all that before the weigh in and you successfully get down to your weight class. 160 isn't your normal walking around weight, but you do what it takes to make things happen. Sure, you could be 160 all year round, but if you don't really have to, why put yourself through that extra hassle? Why not just live comfortably between 170-180 and slim down when the situation calls for it?

Yes, I will pause for a bit to acknowledge one of VA's greatest athletes. Pernell "Sweet Pea" Whitaker. But I have digressed.

You’re only going to do so much once you get signs that your partner isn’t going anywhere. If there no incentive to improve, why would they go the extra mile when they can just go by the way they are? I think the situation goes both ways though. If you don’t voice your unhappiness then you have no leg to stand on when they don’t change. No one is a mind reader, regardless of what Miss Cleo says.

And allow me to use this post to say that domestic violence is wrong, no matter what the circumstances. And if you return to an abusive relationship, you’re just as much at fault. And yes, verbal abuse hurts just as much as physical abuse. Don’t try to love someone who doesn’t love themselves. And I’m out.

Who's Hungry?

I had this conversation awhile back with someone who told me they were a vegetarian. I asked them why they were a vegetarian and they gave me this roundabout response that basically left me feeling like they did it just to say they were a vegetarian. Like using their dietary feelings as an ice breaker of sorts. Not knocking you, but you should have a reason behind it.

It really started to confuse me when the person told me that they eat meatless hot dogs and they enjoy veggie burgers. I’m sorry but isn’t the purpose of not eating meat so that you don’t want to eat meat? Isn’t that what the whole thing is based off of? Why would you convince yourself you don’t like meat and then eat stuff that looks and tastes just like meat? Maybe I just don’t get it. Maybe I’m missing something here. But I doubt it.

There are vegetarians, vegans and people who will eat anything. Vegetarians choose not to eat meat. They aren't naturally inclined to not eat meat. They usually have other reasons as opposed to taste as to why they don't eat meat. People that do eat meat eat it for taste. No hidden reasoning. Vegans are extreme vegetarians.

You could use this same corollary to describe people’s sexual inclinations. In this case, people who eat meat are straight. They know what they like to eat and they eat it. Vegetarians are your bisexuals. They try to make themselves feel better about themselves for not eating meat products, but in reality, they would eat a steak if no one was looking. That's why they try to eat veggie burgers and other bullshit. Vegans are gay people. They know what they like to eat, and stand steadfast by their decision.

I’ve met a ton of people who claimed to be bisexual and it all pretty much boiled down to they had chosen which side of the fence they were on but pretended to straddle the fence for shock value purposes. Just to say “I’m different than you. I truly am down for whatever.” When in actuality, that couldn’t be farther than the truth. Similar to vegetarians, if you have legitimate reasons or objections for why you choose to abstain from eating meat, I’m perfectly fine with that. More power to you. But if you don’t, stop being dishonest with yourself and everyone around you. Make a decision and stick with it and stand by it.

Stop convincing yourself that tofu is filet mignon. Be happy with the tofu you got, or go down to your nearest steak restaurant and dig in. Bon app├ętit.

*And by the way, I googled "Vegan" and this was the first picture to pop up. Go figure. I blame Oregon. And also, why I want this guy to emerge with a W tomorrow.


Glass Half Empty

I have been a subscriber to James Hannah’s videos on YouTube since he only had like 5videos on there and the rest were on his Facebook page. I don’t know what it is, but dude just has the innate ability to cut through the layers of nonsense and just tell it like it is in regards to life, pop culture, and most importantly relationships. When I logged onto YouTube earlier today, this video was in the “recent posted videos” section, so like all other James Hannah videos, I had to give it a viewing. Here it is for your viewing pleasure.

I know I don’t speak for all people, and I know it’s probably hard for people to understand this, but I truly do not care about the race of my potential wife. Not even a little bit. What’s most important to me is her personality, how she treats me, and whether we are compatible. If it comes in the form of a black woman, cool. If it comes in the form of an Alaskan midget, cool. Either way, as long as I’m happy I’m cool with it. I can’t really even judge people who say “I only date this type of person” because that’s their prerogative. Who am I to tell them what is right or wrong. Every person, no matter how ugly they are on the inside or outside, deserves to find happiness. And when they do, regardless of how they achieve it, I applaud them.

There’s nothing like happiness and nothing like finding love. I do have a huge problem however with people who constantly look down upon others who are in interracial relationships. You don’t know that person’s experiences and the reasons behind what they do. So let them be happy. If the relationship is founded on happiness, then its bullshit anyway. But how is that different than any other relationship built upon false pretenses?

I guess that’s why I have a problem with people opposed to gay marriage. Gay people are entitled to the same level of happiness as anyone else. People are people, and regardless of your views on homosexuality and your religious stance, two people living together and loving each other can be a beautiful thing. I think too many people are caught up in what is on the surface instead of wondering about the inner beauty if you will.

So shoutout to everyone out there in fruitful monogamous relationships. And also people waiting for those fruitful monogamous relationships. Your time will come. In the mean time, just put this on and zone out for a few.