Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I'm Eddy

I'm feeling fresh man. I'm feeling blessed man
I feel I can appreciate a deep breath and
And I confess I love the weed
She's my sweet sweet cheeba, that sexy sativa
But I think it's time just for a little bit to resign from getting high 'cause homie this is it
It's 2010, last chance to make myself
I plan to have a fam, start expanding on my wealth
I can't do it being stupid watching movies and the news about how we're ruined and I'll be cool if I work with youth
Screw that
Rather be shackled than do rap that didn't matter
Yeah I'm happy that I'm taking on the path that's less traveled
So fuck the drugs man, I need my lungs
Spread the message to the next man that respecting is expected
No matter what your ethnic, sex or sex preference
Profess this to the reverends, to the ex-convicted felons
We're all connected man
Energetically and I say that at the risk of sounding deep
But I suggest you correct your head and neck that reflects the physical and the spiritulal is next
That's where we twist it with different religions and
Everything is linked if you just start from the beginning
In science and politics, negatives and positives
Took the next of positives so now I got a lot to give

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