Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ink My Whole Body

Stefan sent me this the other day.

I can't rationalize what I was hearing, so I had to do this one bullet point style.

• Church of Body Modifications? No seriously, that’s a church? Do they get tax breaks and stuff that other churches get? Because if so:

• How messed up does your life have to be where you rationalize a nose piercing with making you feel whole? That’s like some “I saw my father kill my mother because she cooked his eggs wrong” type stuff here. She’s seen some stuff that’s out of a bad John Grisham novel. Damn.

• Shoutout to the school that deemed her nose piercing worthy of expulsion. Hard enough getting kids to want to go to school without making them, or the threat of truancy. You get akid who wants to go to school and you kick them out for a nose stud? Dress code? Really?

• It makes me think theres a much larger gap than I thought between teachers and students. That small nose ring shouldn’t bother anyone. The fact that it bothered someone enough to prompt an expulsion is troubling to me.

• Just being real, but if the minister of Church of Body Modifications looked like that, I’d go look for another church to go to. Real talk.

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