Sunday, September 19, 2010

Off Your Rocker

You should know by now how the good folks here at CWHL feel about nonsense situations. We’ve touched on HNH here in detail. Well, I stumbled across this song and video the other day which left me beyond moved.

It’s about a guy getting with a girl, only to find out her ex is crazier than this guy:

And this guy


Sure, the whole crazy ex bit seems funny, but it left a different thought with me. I always wondered when was the point in relationships when people became that crazy significant other or the crazy ex. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m very transparent with my feelings and how I carry myself. If I was crazy, you would know it the very first time you met me. There was no transitional period, or no optical illusion when dealing with me. What you see is what you get. I also feel it’s the same way with most people. People seem to pick and choose what they want to see these days. And that’s where HNH comes into play.

Living in Atlanta, there are a huge number of single mothers down here. I don’t have any statistics to back it up, so I won’t try to, but it’s a crazy amount. And when I talk to these females, they always tell me how their child’s father is a deadbeat, or is crazy. Which leads to my follow-up question: “Did he rape you?” If the answer is no, then all my sympathy goes out the window. If you chose to let this deadbeat or crazy dude into your vaginal walls without the use of contraception, there are consequences that come along with that. Namely kids.

How hard is it for females to use better judgment when choosing their sexual partners? I’m willing to bet this no-good, crazy or deadbeat person that you had sexual relations with was no-good or a deadbeat the first moment you met him. You may not have found out the first minute you spoke to him, but I’m guessing there was a probationary period where it became painfully obvious. And you still chose to go along with it. I mean, love is blind, but come on now.

The other alternative scenario is for a one-night stand, in which literally the first impression is the only impression. That’s a whole different kind of HNH though. That could be a separate article whenever I get around to writing it. But I’ll just say this. Don’t let a guy jump straight from high school to the pros and become a #1 draft pick for your love. You may think you’re getting this guy.

When you end up with this guy.

The choice is yours.

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