Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hide Your Kids

I blame a certain person for bringing this foolishness across my timeline on Twitter.

I came across this link. Yes, that's a female who is using her Twitter account to advertise her business as an escort. She is using the same social medium used by musicians to promote their work and politicans to promote their social platform to promote her line of work.

I literally have no words to describe this, or her actual website where she advertises her rates, or the Twitvid videos of her actually participating in explicit sex acts. All I can do right now is use this as a platform to stress that we need to choose wisely what we promote and what we don't promote.

I think the saddest part of this whole situation is that she doesn't see anything wrong with the situation. In fact, she takes pride in the fact that she can charge fees for what others are doing for free. Almost like an informal expose' into the mind of a woman who is able to separate her emotions from the act of sex to where it is strictly a tool for self-promotion and profit. Kinda sad when you think about it.

I'm gonna end this before I began a trademark rant because I know it wouldn't end well and I would probably say something that I regret. I'll just say HNH and cue the 2Pac:

Gotta Let It Burn

I won't go to in depth in this blog as to the motivating factors for this post. I'll just say HNH.

Anyways, here are some of my favorite songs by R&B singers discussing a certain topic. The theme should be pretty obvious.

Usher - "Let It Burn"

Ryan Leslie - "Never Gonna Break Up"

Lauryn Hill - "Ex-Factor"

Mayer Hawthorne - "Strange Arrangement"

Maxwell - "Changed"

Carl Thomas - "I Wish"

Craig David - "Let Her Go"

Dr Jekyll

Growing up as a kid, my dad taught me to be a gentleman to ladies. Pulling out chairs, opening doors, offering them my jacket while we're out in the elements, etc. My mom, on the other hand, taught me that not every woman is a lady. Only a certain portion of humans with ovaries are worthy of that kind of treatment. But to the naked eye, it's almost impossible to distinguish between the two. And this is due to the complicated nature that females carry themselves. Nothing is straightforward with them. Everything is either a contest, or a challenge, or a test, or just downright deception.

I came across this video the other day. About "the friend zone".*

This video pretty much summed up the problem I've run into a lot recently. I enjoy expressing my emotions for females that I'm a attracted to. I don't open up to many people, but once I have deemed you worthy of my innermost feelings, I become an open book. But I've noticed that whenever I let my guard down and show my nice guy side, that moves me from the potential suitor category to the friend zone. It's almost like women only want someone who will do them dirty and play with their emotions until they are no longer able to attract those types of men. Then they want the nice guy with the stable lifestyle and personality to come in and pick up the broken pieces of her heart and Gorilla Glue them shits back together.

The big problem I have with this situation is that most females aren't honest in what they desire. They seem to have a problem admitting what exactly they are looking for in a mate. This dishonesty rubs me the wrong way. Don't tell me you want this, when all your actions illustrate that you really desire this. If you want a man to whisper sweet nothings in your ear and send sweet text messages, that's cool. If you want a man to treat you like toilet paper, that's cool too. Just be honest with yourself and allow me the time and ability to gauge your situation at face value.

Not too long ago, I asked an associate to describe me and she replied that I was an "aggressive, opinionated, shy nerd". She felt that the shy nerd part was really me but I also displayed a lot of the aggressiveness and opinionatedness, which came across as assholeness. I couldn't tell her at the time, but I came into the game as the shy nerd. That's who I am. Being a product of my surroundings and seeing what works and what doesn't, I had to add a little bit of an edge to my appearance. The game is truly survival of the fittest, and it seems like only the alpha male wins. If I want to attract and keep a female's attention, I have to treat her like shit. Just the facts of life. So even though I may be thinking about you at random times or whatnot, you wouldn't know that. Because this is probably my ringtone for you.

Because it's like that. And that's the way it is.

*By the way, there are tons of dope Xtranormal videos out there. Check em out when you get a chance.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sex Sells

One of my favorite artists happens to be Plies. When I tell people this, they automatically assume I'm a fake goon, or whatever. Or that I dress like this:

When actually, that couldn't be further from the truth. Not saying I'm the most noble person on the face of the Earth, but I enjoy his music from time to time. The thing that actually made me a diehard Plies fan is when I stumbled upon this little gem. And I will embed this video because its just that great.

Yes, that is Plies. Yes, the same Plies who makes records like this one. Yes the song is called "Get You Wet". Yes, the song is about all the ways he can get a female "moist". Yes, THE VIDEO HAS BEEN VIEWED A HALF OF A MILLION TIMES!!!!!1!1

Plies has the ability to fluctuate between sheer niggerdom and sheer brilliance, which makes me believe that the goon he portrays is nothing more than a brilliant marketing scheme. In this day and age, sex sells. Only the raunchiest, most obnoxious, most outrageous things get people's attention anymore. You literally have to go bottom of the barrel if you want to raise eyebrows. Case in point:

The key thing about that tweet that I took away from it was "Retweed 100+ times". If you don't want to condone foolishness, don't retweet it for others to support said foolishness. I call it the "Charles Hamilton treatment". Simply ignore it and it will go away.

The reason I can relate to Plies is because I too have had to teeter-totter between ignorance and niggerdom. It's called being a black male at a predominately white college. I would undeniably play up my pigment at certain points, when the mood struck me. It happens. Was I that person all the time? No. Doesn't make me an "oreo". I think more people should realize that you can separate the two. Also, they should acknowledge the power that you have when portraying a minstrel act is voluntary, rather than forced. He who holds the control holds the power.

P.S. As a bonus, allow me to link one of my favorite Little Brother songs, after the nation's lukewarm response to an album titled, no less, "The Minstrel Show"


I just saw this picture come across my Tumblr.

And just like that, the joke is no longer funny. It's done. It's over. His 15 minutes are up. I don't want to hear about him performing at the BET Hip Hop Awards, or having a video game, or a Halloween costume. There are dogs mocking this man. And people are lining his pockets. He's living the American Dream, profiting off of people laughing at him not with him. And I'm totally fine with that. At least I tell myself that.

Regardless, he will never be mentioned or acknowledged on this blog. Ever again.

Three Sides of a Story

I checked my Twitter account the other day and someone sent this video to me with the message "This sounds like something you would Twitter rant about". Obviously, with a tagline like that, I have to check it out. Here's the video for yourself.

It was weird to me because maybe two days prior I received this video:

So in the span of two days, I basically was forced to come face to face with my biggest gripes with reality right now. Which are 1) Women hold the sexual power and set the standards for how men act and treat them, and 2) They are picking the wrong dudes. Sounds pretty simple at first, until you realize that everything in our society simply encourages this behavior, rather than chastise and denounce those who do.

For example, somewhere right now, there's a rapper making a music video about fucking hoes, popping bottles, living the good life, driving 30 whips. Granted, this is dude's first music video ever and he hasn't seen a dime from the music industry, but yeah he can afford all this. Actually, he has to pay for it all because no one's gonna just be nice to someone who looks like this guy.

Granted, NORE of CNN isn't a new rapper, but I chose that picture for the simple fact that he has a Newport iced-out chain hanging around his neck. And instead of calling him a complete idiot for doing that, some woman will still sleep with him. He's probably "balls deep" as I'm typing this blogpost. But I've digressed.

Women hold all of the power sexually. They decide what hoops a man has to jump through, if any, to win their most-prized asset. However, if a woman isn't taught self-love, she will continue to just settle for anything she can get. Men, being hunters due to their DNA*, they pick up on what they need to do to capture their prey. If that means acting like the 6th unofficial member of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, so be it. If that means acting like Steve Urkel, so be it. The bottom line is that men will do whatever it takes to get them laid, until it doesn't work anymore.

I will say the biggest problem I have with the conclusion that I've reached is that women don't realize the error of their ways until after its too late. Then when they've been chewed up and spit out, 2 kids later, when no good man wants them, they want to revert to "Niggas ain't shit" logic. I'm not even going to entertain that in this blogpost. I just wanted to point that out.

It just pains me that we never hear anything about the successful marriages, and about real love. Only the negatives. Life isn't always a rap music video, and it's not always a romantic comedy either. Life moves at its own pace and follows it's own storyline. But if only one storyline gets put on TV, that's all people will see. Impressionable people at that, who hold onto every word and tweet like it was found in a burning bush. As long as people take information from nonreputable sources, we have a long uphill battle to face if we desire our youth to be upstanding citizens in society. Better grab a Snickers now.

*Whether you want to discuss nature vs nurture at this point is actually irrelevant

I Don't Wanna Hurt You

First of all, I wanna tell you that all I do is have love for you
No matter we go separate ways
I’ll still ride for you ‘cause you’re the truth, can’t be replaced
You the type of girl that make a nigga go out and get the ring
But the problem is
I’m not positive that I can give the commitment that you’re asking for
‘Cause right now I’m young and though you’re the one
I can’t guarantee that I can be the one you want

You want someone who is faithful
I’m not admitting I can’t do it, just don’t wanna put you through it
If I may happen to see one
She may holla, I may holla, but I wouldn’t wanna do that to you, no

Girl, I feel that I’ll be cheating you if I continue to see you
‘Cause you’re not ready to get serious
I’m not ‘cause I’m still curious
See, I’d rather keep it real and tell you how I feel
‘Cause I think you’re beautiful and I don’t wanna hurt you, no

See over and over again I keep on saying to myself
I must be going out my mind to not wanna spend more time with her
‘Cause I love you more
And to game your heart
‘Cause I know that I’m not ready
To lock it down full time, settle down with one dime, spend the rest of my life with you
It’s better cry now, than hate me later
Trust me I’ve had a broken heart before and I
I know just how it feels
And know in time it will heal
In time it will reveal
If our love is real

Thursday, October 21, 2010

For The Babies

I see them giving the woman abortion to kill another baby
Miscarriage and misfortune and premature crack baby
Strength of Ras Tafari I'm hoping someday maybe
They don't obey their parents, maybe they will obey me
Future for the babies, hopes for the babies
Tomorrow for the babies, no sorrow for the babies
Babies having babies, raising our babies
All of these young ladies, give them thanks and praises
How long can she take it? Dreams are full of maybes
Will she ever make it? Hustles on a daily
In the club a shake it, strip down 'til she naked
Don't ever mistake it, she's much too real to fake it
Need it then she'll take it, she'll do it for the babies
A mother's love is sacred, now you don't ever fail me

A woman needs caring, sharing, love all the time
A child needs a loving, caring place for rest of eye

Is there no other option than adoption for your babies?
You're raffling and jacketing and auctioning your babies
Strength of Ras Tafari I'm hoping someday maybe
They don't obey their parents, maybe they will obey me
Cowards play the game thing, fathers do the brave thing
And that's participating, he keeps on concentrating
There is no debating, no running away thing
A new life is awakening from his ejaculating
It's in the oven baking, takes two for the making
He's right there through the cravings and early morning waking
School and educating, sports and recreating
Karate and ballet thing, teenager of today thing
Fathers still relating, still communicating
And they'll always embrace him 'cause they cannot replace him

And always do your best to keep a promise to your babies
And if you can't be good at least be honest to your babies

Monday, October 18, 2010

Why U Hate

Wanna ask the government why yall hate us so much ?
Wanna ask the other color why yall hate us so much?
Wanna ask the law why yall hate us so much?
Wanna ask the prosecutor why yall hate us so much?

Is it our skin color? Or is it the way we talk?
You hate us cause we us? Or you hate us cause we fought?
Is it the way we live? Or is it the way we walk?
We never had shit so it can’t be nothing we bought
The shit yall took us through, probably the reason we off
Our pride we still got it, the only thing we aint lost
Defending ourselves, that was what we was taught
Done been through the roughest times, but all of it ain't our fault
Wish I can add up the years in prison our people's caught
The government, the strippers, we ain't really have a choice
Your peoples go to college, my peoples go to court
Your peoples was born with money, my peoples was born broke
Your peoples lived in mansions, my peoples hung from ropes
Your peoples had it made, all my peoples had was hope
Your peoples had help, all my peoples heard was "No"
My peoples thought about it, your peoples cut our throats
The respect we had for one another, shit, wasn’t even close
We had to entertain, that was our only open door
If we wanted to make it, we had to rap, sing, or try sports
We couldn’t afford a full ride, shit my people poor
My people ain't mad, your people hates us though
But we the one who struggling, so why yall hate us for?
The police want us bad, the judge hate us more
The jury think we guilty before we come through the door
And yall take our money, but yall wont help us though
And yall biggest fear is to see my people grow
But our biggest fear is to die before we turn 24
In every lawyers past design to sink us more
And every time we go to jail, yall get paid though
But when we ask for money, yall slam the door
They say our president black, but we cant tell though
We only got ourselves, now that’s what’s real though
I know yall hate our guts, that’s how yall feel though
But yall ain't gotta like us, just let us live though
And cause we black bro don’t mean we steal though
And just cause we from the ghetto don’t be mean we dumb bro
We just as smart as ya’ll but ya’ll don’t want the world to know
But all we wanna know, is why ya’ll hate us so much?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I'm Eddy

I'm feeling fresh man. I'm feeling blessed man
I feel I can appreciate a deep breath and
And I confess I love the weed
She's my sweet sweet cheeba, that sexy sativa
But I think it's time just for a little bit to resign from getting high 'cause homie this is it
It's 2010, last chance to make myself
I plan to have a fam, start expanding on my wealth
I can't do it being stupid watching movies and the news about how we're ruined and I'll be cool if I work with youth
Screw that
Rather be shackled than do rap that didn't matter
Yeah I'm happy that I'm taking on the path that's less traveled
So fuck the drugs man, I need my lungs
Spread the message to the next man that respecting is expected
No matter what your ethnic, sex or sex preference
Profess this to the reverends, to the ex-convicted felons
We're all connected man
Energetically and I say that at the risk of sounding deep
But I suggest you correct your head and neck that reflects the physical and the spiritulal is next
That's where we twist it with different religions and
Everything is linked if you just start from the beginning
In science and politics, negatives and positives
Took the next of positives so now I got a lot to give