Thursday, October 13, 2011

Super Bass

This video rubs me the wrong way and for some reason I can't put my finger on it.

If I was a father and I had a daughter and she was elementary school age I wouldn't let her listen to Nicki Minaj man. Why these girls even know that song well enough to put that routine together? It's not cute when your 7-year-old is singing Nicki Minaj songs. Just like its not cute when little kids use profanity. Kids are the future man. And it's not going to help the future if kids are aspiring to be Nicki Minaj.

Do kids know what Minaj in her name is referring to? They can't possibly. Or do they? Does that little girl singing on the Ellen show know that she wants to be Nicki Threesome when she grows up?

Sure, "Super Bass" is a radio friendly, poppy enough song. But Nicki Minaj got a catalog of shit kids shouldn't be listening to. I wonder if that girl's parents let her listen to the Nicki Minaj verse on Big Sean's "Ass" remix. I bet the parents were looking at their little girl singing a Nicki Minaj song like "She's so talented. She's gonna be famous one day." That's how kids get exploited. Parents having them doing shit they have no business doing because they look "cute".

Seriously, the kids these days are fucked. They don't stand a chance man.

Kids in elementary school having sex, singing explicit rap songs, creating Facebook accounts, having cell phones. Why can't kids just be kids? Innocent, naive, little kids. They shouldn't even be allowed to do those other things.

It might be the 21st century, but the qualities of a good parent haven't changed. People gotta start raising their kids right. I don't have any kids that I know about and I'm in no rush to have any kids. But I wanna make sure they get raised right man. My kids should be worried about playing around outside, getting dirty, and cooties. Not worrying about their Facebook profile picture. If you got a kid in the third grade taking bathroom mirror pictures to update their Facebook profile picture, you fail at being a parent. Facebook is a safe-haven for debauchery for adults. I couldn't even imagine being a child with that at my finger tips.

This whole thing got me feeling deterred man. Kids ain't kids no more. They just young lost souls with no guidance. Nobody guiding these kids. And if they are guiding the kids, they guiding them down the wrong paths.

When I was growing up, I had my dad and my older brother around to let me know if i was fucking up. They didn't try to be my best friend. They were my role models. There's a HUGE fucking difference. You don't gotta act like your child's best friend to teach them the difference between right and wrong. Matter fact, there should be some shit that you don't disclose with your parents. That's what makes the parental bond sacred. There's supposed to be some shit that I can't discuss with my parents until I hit a certain age, or if I do discuss it, its with kid gloves. You shouldn't be talking to your mom about this chick that sucked you off behind the bleachers, or the handjob you got. You shouldn't be talking to your dad about girls giving you hickeys & if you do, your dad should be like "Leave them fast ass girls alone".

I just realized there are no more "fast ass girls" anymore these days. All the kids are sex-deprived superfreaks with camera phones. Nowadays it's not "Do you like me? Yes or No". It's "What's your number? I'ma text you a nekked picture". Kids at 10-11 years old taking pictures in their underwear and sending them to their friends. Like I said man, no guidance.

Kids listening to Nicki Minaj on the radio, watch Basketball Wives on TV WHERE NONE OF THEM ARE EVEN MARRIED. Kids can Google sextapes, porn, play Mature video games. They have Twitter accounts. They can watch "16 & Pregnant" on TV. At some point yall gotta stop expecting school teachers and TV and your favorite rapper to be parenting these kids. It's not a school teachers job to parent a kid. Not everyone needs to be a parent either.

Nicki Minaj is a grown ass woman, with bills to pay, who does what she needs to do to provide for herself and her family. Not Nicki Minaj, or no other person in the entire music industry or sports world, has the responsibility of raising your kids. If your kid does something stupid, you can't blame Lil Wayne. You need to blame your dumbass self for being a poor parent.

Just because you're old enough to get an erection or old enough to have your period doesn't mean you should be a parent. I respect people that get abortions, or put kids up for adoption. If you ain't ready to be a parent, it's simple. DONT BE A PARENT. There are MILLIONS of people who wish they could have kids but can't. And if you can't raise them the right way, give them away.

Know how many gay and lesbian couples are living financially comfortable but physical can't have kids? Let them adopt from unfit parents. Who gives a shit if you have two moms or two dads. If you would have a better chance at being raised right, they need to go with that setup. I'm just fucking tired of seeing kids do dumb shit because parents aren't being parents. This ain't about your work schedule either. If you working 2-3 jobs you can still be a parent. Or foster some type of environment to where your children are being guided properly. Some kids can be raised properly with one parent. Some need more role models. Whatever you gotta do, do it man.

Shit like this just makes me realize that so much of what we entertain and put effort in is meaningless. If it ain't improving my life, or the life of the next generation, then why even do it?