Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I done told chicks I loved them when I didn't really mean it
Sometimes I'm only thinking with the head of my penis
A lot of niggas preach monogamy like they ain't never cheated
So conceited, their girls do it back, they can't conceive it
Gotta see it to believe it
Deaded from the waist down like a paraplegic, now she creeping strategic
I just said that to get you mad, ain't my fault your girl won't give you ass
Player it's all on you
Maybe if you treated her better, she would call on you
I've been tryna get my life right
I got a good girl, wants to be a good wife
You know 2.5 kids, a white picket fence
Taking my ass to church so I could get my head rinsed
But at the same time, I still be flirting
I know it's asshole shit but nobody's perfect

Tryna figure how my guy look his lady in the eye when last night he had another lady in his ride
The same dick that she suck, the same seat in his truck
Is lust really worth hurting somebody you trust? Damn
The Henny does wonders on the sex drive
She remind you of your jeep on the test drive
Mini-me got a mind of it's own
You lookin at your ID like "Goddamn it, I'm grown"
Cause you only wanna see what the sex about
The genie's in your pants and you tryna let him out
But is it worth wastin three years on one shot and three beers, knowing she won't be here
Last week you was telling your man to settle down, now you playing 2Pac tryna "Get Around"
That don't add up, that ain't compound
Now you telling yourself you should just calm down

This chick told me black men who date white chicks is trifling
I asked her out, she told me she only date white men
I asked her how many niggas she ever dated
She said niggas gay, in jail or intimidated, unemployed or players just tryna get her naked
And white men are way more fine and educated
It's like she sees herself in the mirror and she hates it
Almost as bad as the niggas that she's castigating
So hypocritical it's almost fascinating
She don't realize she the problem exacerbating
That foul is considered a flagrant, called me next day and retracted her statement
Like I just heard your song on the radio station, and I ain't know you had a Ivy League education
The offer still stands if I could get up in your world
I'm sorry ma, I only date black girls

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