Thursday, September 2, 2010

Everybody Lookin 4 Somethin

They ask for favors on the daily man, I can’t take a step without somebody looking for something, ‘bout to beg my ass to death
Got a partner wanna ride, a lil cuz that wanna rap. Another partner want some bread but he don’t ever pay you back
I got a partner wanna stay a couple days and he’ll be out. It’s been years and that lazy ass nigga still on my couch
Smoke more weed than the weedman could even fucking grow and he always asking “Hey, can you take this piss test for me bro?”
I met this lady at the store that wants a dollar. I said I need a fucking dollar too, so if you find one bitch holla

Hey cuz, I need to see your gun for a minute. I need to go shoot this nigga right quick but I promise I’ll bring it right back
Hey Tre, hit me up. I know you on the road with Bob man. I wanna know if I can borrow your big screen for the game next week. Hit me up on my mama phone, my Metro off

I know this chick that say she wanna get married before she 30 and if not she gon’ kill herself when she turn 30
I asked was she for real, she said yeah, I said you stupid. Matter fact, here go a pistol dumb bitch, go head and do it
I got this lil partner keep hollering he wanna be set and get rich. I asked what his plan, he said he don’t know yet
He said I’ll probably stack up some dimes and hit the dope trap. I said you’ll probably end up in prison, I hope you know that

Hey big bruh, hit me up. I’m up here at rent-a-center, I need a cosigner. I need to borrow your social security number right quick. Hit me back ASAP

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