Saturday, August 28, 2010

I Apologize

I'm knowing mostly I ain't right but damn I am trying
And it's a good nigga inside but man I can't find him

My niggas get the good girls, I just get to fuck a bitch
Some niggas want this lifestyle, I don't get the just of it
My ex is calling right now, we shouldn't be discussing this
I tell you you're my only one, you really don't be trusting it
Got a couple secrets locked, I don't want you busting it
So when I leave my phone somewhere, I don't want you touching it
I swear I love you so much, I don't want you sucking it
Questions about condoms, I just get to ducking it
Cheating ain't fun though, I just get the rush of it

It's way more than the surface, like the moon they say is curved
But til that day arrives, I iTune and play that NERD
Because I know how you feel, I really think you doesn't
You told me you would wait for me, I really knew you wasn't
What's up with the new guy? I heard he do construction
You couldn't make my party huh? You knew I threw that function
You fucking with my homies now? You knew I knew a Justin
I just hope you happy though whatever you come up with
I ain't set on love yet, I'm just cool adjustin
Besides you like fancy spots, I'm just cool with Truxtons
I don't know what it was, I just knew it wasn't
Cause you the flashing lights type and I don't do the clubbing
Right after the 2nd date, I don't move to husband
And you could probably tell right now I wasn't too acustomed to taking responsibility
I'm talking chivalry and I'm apologizing to any girl that had to deal with me
Fuck being real with you, I'm just being real with me
We can make a home love, you just gotta build with me
I don't need that loud shit, you just gotta chill with me
If life's a bumpy road, it's a lot of hills with me
Never let em see you sweat, it's a lot concealed in me
I wanna do it the right way, it's a lot instilled in me
And still with me is the very first time you said you will
But all I guess I really wanna know is if you still miss me

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