Sunday, August 1, 2010

Mama There Goes That Man

First attempt at liveblogging. Figured it would be a classic throwback video.

j.nash sex you down part 2 from J.NASHTV on Vimeo.

• Love the green screen, or should I say, red screen intro. Haven’t seen that in a minute
• Who is this cat flexing in that wife beater? And that puffy ass bubble vest?
• They still make bubblevests? Wow. It looks like a Jumpman logo on it too.
• This chick in the video is probably his homeboy’s cousin. Or sister.
• First costume change.
• Why is he going from a bubble vest to a Mr. Rogers cardigan?
• I just died on the slow motion sweater toss.
• The video just turned into a softcore porn
• He needs to put his shirt back on. Looking like a roast chicken © Nutty Professor 2
• These lyrics are absolutely outrageous. Wow.
• The look on this chick’s face throughout the whole video is like “How much am I getting paid for this?”
• Another costume change. Now a bath robe.
• This dude needs a dance move or something. Bsides pop lockin
• Maybe he was trying to be like D’Angelo “Untitled”
• SHADES OFF! Put em back on.
• Did he just say “pumpin with all my might?” wow.
• Dude couldn’t get any at the end. Couldn’t even get inside the door. Guess he couldn’t sex her down that good.
• The faces he’s making are hilarious at the end.
• Why did it change to a 2nd song? That only works in major label releases.
• How fitting is it that he’s singing about baby mama drama at the end of a song about sexing?

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