Sunday, August 8, 2010

Moped Chicks

Music is just like females. There are some chicks that you talk about with your boys like “Yo that bitch fine than a muhfucker”. Others you keep that feeling to yourself until that one night you find yourself drunk and alone with her and you say “I might as well”. One of my friends refers to them as moped chicks. They're really fun to ride until one of your friends sees you riding it. Then you have to explain yourself. Never fun.

Everyone likes different stuff, but some stuff you’re just too afraid to tell others. Too afraid of how they will view you afterwards. Unfortunately, I could care less what you all think about me. So here are 5 of my current guilty pleasure records. I really don’t think any of them need a further explanation. You just need to listen to the songs for yourself.

New Kids On The Block & Ne-Yo “Single”

Lil B – “I Got Bitches”

Omarion – “Speedin”

Hold up, stop the music. Omarion, why do you think you're too good to allow embedding of your Youtube videos? Your music is good, but you're one step away from being this guy.

You've been warned. Let's move forward amicably.

Rihanna – “Rude Boy”

YG – “Toot It & Boot It”

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