Saturday, August 28, 2010

Closer To My Dreams

Females look but fuck em they inconsistent
It's either she a dog or I'm scared of commitment
Neither one works so I think it's best we kick it
Love women, hate bitches. Yeah it's a difference
I got it down to a science, I'm giving you the physics

I don't fear shit but a judge that's mad with a grudge cause I made his yearly salary a week selling drugs
Give your bitch love only if we talkin tennis
That's zero zip nada, you can holla bout some business

Why I stay up? No five hour shots
I just don't wanna go back to selling five dollar rocks, so I'm on it
Living for the moment learning hard life lessons cause I'm young & still growing
Father's only son, mama's lil boy
Moving in and outta town with a package got me 'noid
Cause I'd rather take a chance before I ever be employed by a cracker who don't view me as a man but as a boy

Probably never get a chance if you meet me at a club but you can get dick, when I feel like it
It's a party in my bedroom, your girlfriends invited
I gotta her diking, I bet she like it
Swimming in her pussy like a muthafuckin pirate
Higher than the pilot, I can't lift my eyelids

Where the bad bitches at with the asses that's fat? And their ass all nice
Looking like God kissed her and blessed her twice
Might dress her in white, jump the broom and throw rice
Yeah right, fuck a bitch is what I'm screaming to the grave
Look I'm married to tha mula Hallelujah I'm paid

Yella in my bedroom singing acappella like like she gettin closer to the climax
I fuck em and replace em then erase em out my contacts
Addressbook give em no heart
Lotta fishes in the water and I'm feeling like a shark, feast up
I'm young and I'm active
I got some shit I'm tryna learn, you can help me practice
We study on the mattress, that's where my class is
Nothing but a t-shirt, that's easy access
She like me for my assets, not what I possess
So all I do is fuck her, work her out like a Bowflex
Keep up with the progress, I'm young and I'm hopeless
California weed only thing keeping me focus

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