Monday, August 16, 2010

There Can Be Only One

One of my favorite shows growing up was "Highlander". Whether it was the movies, the animated TV show, or the TV series, it was amazing. There were always these fight scenes and then the main character would go "There Can Be Only One", then proceed to do his finishing move*. Anyway, me and my brother and my cousins would all joke around whenever we did something cool like "There can be only one." It was the most gangstaest saying you could ever use to punctuate a action. No one can top the Highlander line.

I was reading this article that Stefan sent me earlier. It was about sites that post the best looking college professors in the nation. Yes, you read that right. People submit candid photos - I hope no action shots - of who they think are hot profs, then people vote on them using the trusty - rate on a 1-10 scale** - and the winners are posted. Some teachers find out about their rankings, others don't.

Because people don't know when to leave good enough alone, someone decided to conduct a study on that research. I'll spare you having to read the abstract or thesis paper on the subject, but one of the main points of the article was a female professor from a school in California who makes her looks her priority. She says, and I quote:

"When I have to teach the heavy stuff about race," she told the Chronicle, "I make sure my hair is done, my outfit is cute. I know it's going to be a difficult conversation for students, and if I have a cute dress on, it becomes easier to talk about race and prejudice."

Yeah, because that's just what Dr. King had in mind when he gave his "I Have A Dream" speech.

Anyway, the article links to Ms. Utley's personal(?) professional(?) website. I'm no collegiate scholar, and I don't pretend to be, but I can imagine that posting what sounds like the music from the menu screen of a Tyler Perry movie isn't very professional. She describes herself as an "expert in hip hop, race, and love relationships". Isn't that what Terri McMillan proclaimed herself to be? We all remember how that turned out.

Stella got her groove back, and while she was out her Taye Diggs was busy trying on her clothes and walking around in her pumps. Yeah.

Ms. Utley's website lists her as an author of a book that comes in 2012. I'm not gonna even comment on that, that's just too easy. Matter of fact, everything about this chick is a joke. I refuse to take anyone seriously who uses sex appeal to ease race talks and is on the advisory board of the Yale Anthology of Rap. That sounds like a Brother Ali love fest. Not saying that Brother Ali isn't good, but he isn't good. Her school says she's on the route to tenure, and I'm glad, because that's going to be the only long term relationship she ever finds herself in. She needs to go to the Chalie Boy school of self-esteem and learn how to love herself. Because if she doesn't, there's someone else that would take her place as leading expert on hip hop love.

*Depending on what the show was, the move would be different. In the animated show, he would hit people with a boomerang or something. The TV show was a off camera beheading and slow gangsta walk into the horizon. The movie showed full blown decapitation. It was amazing.

**This is the only scale that holds weight with me: the Binary Scale

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