Monday, August 16, 2010

Pigmentally Challenged

I have a love/hate relationship with white rappers. The majority of them are beyond average. Or even dare I say below average. There are some rappers who are truly great and have their own identities & their own sounds. People who make good music. Then there are others who if they weren't white, they wouldn't have a record deal. I wanna talk about a few of the more recent artists.

First up is White. Down with Young Jeezy's CTE camp, White makes down south trap music. But for some reason I can't take him seriously. I'll give you one guess why.

Whoever told him white person dredlocks were a good idea must be a fan of cruel jokes. Or hats like these:

Either way, it's turrible.

Next is Sam Adams. Guy had the #1 debut selling album on iTunes. Beat out DJ Khaled's album which has the smash single "All I Do Is Win" on it. How does someone who has no buzz, no promo and zero good tracks on the EP reach #1 on the iTunes charts? By buying their own material back. That's how. Seriously, dude having a #1 EP isn't even believable if this is his best record:

I'm sorry but if I was at a party and this record came on, I would use that time to refill my drink or play swords. Yeah, I went there. Sam Adams looks like the preppy kid that was beefing with Method Man & Redman in "How High". I refuse to take him seriously in the rap game.

Then we have artists like Mac Miller. Dude hails from Pittsburgh, home of major music move maker Wiz Khalifa. He has the same production team as Wiz, but has enough flow to excel on these tracks. Here's one of the better tracks on the "KIDS" mixtape.

Mac Miller should blame Sam Adams & White for me not wanting to like his music. Maybe even Asher Roth to a certain degree. But the music is undeniable.

Bonus: Mac Miller

"Good Evening"

"Nikes On My Feet"

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