Monday, July 12, 2010

It's A Recession

These hoes really grind my gears. Wait, before I start going, let me get some theme music.

OK, that’s better. Where was I? Oh yeah.

These hoes really grind my gears. And I’m not even talking about promiscuous females. As I’ve laid out in a previous post, hoes, as defined by the principle of HNH, has many different definitions. The particular definition I’m talking about on this glorious occasion refers to female who make stupid partner choices.

I’ve been alive 22 years, and I’ve been a man for about 10 of those years. I say that because until I went to high school I had no clue about how male/female relations worked. Sure, I knew that a penis going into a vagina caused a baby, but that’s about all I knew. Sure, some of my middle school friends had girlfriends, but it was nothing more than someone you bought chocolate milks for during lunch. Nothing serious.

I went to high school and I learned about how men are supposed to try to compete for the female’s affection and attention. And that those who don’t have to compete, those who get chicks throwing themselves at them, they don’t value vagina. It’s like if you’re LeBron James, and you’ve been told that you are the best thing since sliced bread since you’ve been in 7th grade and you’ve had your practices video tapped, you’re probably not gonna take criticism well. Same thing.

After learning that not all pursuits of pussy were created equal, I began to notice that this was because of women and their perceived self-worth. Even at that age, I was able to pick out that some women would do anything, and I mean anything, to get and keep a man. Whether that was doing his homework, letting him smash raw even though she didn’t want to, letting the homies hit, whatever. I thought that was a product of females being young a dumb, and wanting to one-up the single ladies at the school. Actually, this phenomenon continued as I got older, just got that the situations that females were putting themselves through got progressively worse.

I’ve encountered ladies who have been mentally abused, sexually abused, physically abused; you name it, it’s happening. However, I rarely see these women leaving the relationship. A dude can go out and have an out-of-wedlock kid, and the women will take the dude back. Unbelievable. But I think the worse sin is women who let some dude just shack up at her place. No job, no car, no nothing. Other than a dick and some tattoos. I’m talking straight Jody/Yvette type shit going on. There was a time when I thought it was something wrong with me, and that I couldn’t find the right woman for me. Then I realized that the average female is just dumb a pet rock.

To me, vagina is the most precious resource on earth. Men fight over it. Wars were fought over it. People have died over it. Laws were created to enhance it and protect it. People go to college to study it and appreciate it. Yet most of the people who own one don’t embrace it and the power that it possesses. It’s like a superstar athlete that has confidence issues. He has all the physical tools to succeed, but mental hurdles stand in his way. That’s what I see when I look at females. That’s the only reasonable explanation for why women keep putting up for no-good men. Maybe when they wake up and realize what they’ve been settling for. But until that day occurs, it’s gonna be the same broken record over and over again.

Bonus: The above theme music with actual lyrics posted on it by none other than Freddie Gibbs. Why not.

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