Sunday, July 18, 2010

Queen of Sanity

It’s great catching up with old friends. Whether they’re old friends from high school, college, or whatever, seeing someone again is always a great event. Sometimes though you have grown apart from that person. You get one on one with that person and realize you don’t have any common interests, and it just feels like talking to a stranger. Not the case for me though.

I hung out with some old college friends recently and it was a great time catching up. Reminiscing about good old times. Talking about being adults in the workforce now. Quote of the night was “I used to laugh at farts and now I laugh at tax code jokes.” It’s such an accurate representation of where we find ourselves in life and times of reflection with friends and libations are something everyone should experience. One of the guys there just got engaged recently so he’s adapting to the whole joint living thing. He hadn’t been that far removed from his past girlfriend so we asked why they were no longer together. His answer was simple: “She’s crazy.”

Dude said all his friends thought she was crazy but he didn’t believe them. He let her meet his parents and his dad pulled him to the side like “Son, she’s crazy.” But love is blind. The guy needed to see it for himself. He said that his girl would start arguments about when, not if, they have kids whether they would go to private school or public school. But nothing prepared him for the moment that they decided to call it off.

He said shortly after they broke up, she started sending him crazy emails and text messages. She would call his friends and try to turn them against him. She would still send him random presents and gifts in the mail, something that almost sabotaged his relationship with his current fiancé. He even called him once and said that while talking to her mother, they had come to the joint conclusion that my friend was depressed. I wish I could make that up.

The highlight of the craziness moment was when she sent him a book titled “Good Guys and Bad Guys”. The book had certain passages and lines highlighted in them with tabbed notes in the margins of the book. And inside of the book was a handwritten note from the girl’s mother detailing why the girl and my friend were meant to be together. That’s beyond ridiculous in every sense of the word.

That girl must not have any real friends. Thankfully, my friend has friends like me that let him know that chick was crazy. We didn’t get around to describing HNH in detail but I’m sure he would instantly become an avid supporter of my theory were I to divulge it with him. This is just confirmation that most females are nuts, but I won’t stop loving them though.

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