Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Everything Based

That’s it. I can’t sit around anymore and watch people bash the homie Lil B anymore. I just can’t. Yall have called this dude a retard, basehead, faggot, homo, everything but what he is: a rapper. When you strip back (pause) all of the extracurricular stuff he has going on, what matters is that he’s a rapper.

Lil B is one fourth of the rap group The Pack. They had the smash single “Vans” and had major regional success in the West Coast market. All four of these guys rap over spaced out beats about stuff your average teenager would: looking fly, spitting at girls, partying, whatever. But it sounds pretty good, especially due to Young L’s production. After their LP dropped, each went and did some solo work on the side. Other than Lil B, the Young L album is worth a listen. Lil B’s first projects were in the same vein as the Young L album in terms of spaced out rap, but somewhere along the line he chose a different path. Before long, he chose to add the Based freestyle to his repertoire.

Before I go too far, let me define based, from the mouth of Lil B himself:

Based is all about opening up the mind and letting whatever come out come out. Sure, this is probably derived from baseheads and drug addicts rambling, but let’s look on the bright side here. Is Lil B a base head? No. Does he look like he participates in recreational drug activity? Yes. Most people that work jobs that don’t require random drug screenings use recreational drugs. Some people who do get drug tested still mess around with drugs. It happens.

Lil B enters a based mindstate – take that how you want – and proceeds to just let words spill out. When you take away sensors and allow subconscious thoughts to spill out, it can lead to repressed thoughts emerging. A lot of that deals with sexuality, since we as human beings are carnal creatures. What that means in layman terms is that Lil B mentions getting his dick sucked and fucking bitches an awful lot, with his trademark line being “hoes on his dick because (fill in the blank as to why he has all of these hoes on his dick”. He even went as far as to say “Hoes on my dick because I look like Jesus”.

No seriously, he did.

But the thing is, when you just have an outpour of words without quality control, you’re bound to say some wild stuff. So this has led to songs where he calls himself a pretty bitch, a faggot, a lesbian. You name it, he’s said it. And he looks like Matlock. Go figure. But you know what happened? People started to accept these random outbursts on record and actually embrace that he was free to say whatever he wanted to say. He is completely at ease and accepted when rapping about those topics, and he’s gaining lots of mainstream exposure a lot quicker than he did while he was rapping straight edge. Being an attention starved kid, he seeked out this attention and began a headline grabbing moves, with the sole purpose being garnering attention.

My biggest gripe is that people listen to these based freestyles and automatically assume they are songs. Lil B has released 2 albums, available on iTunes and Amazon, which are fully composed songs. There are no “Hoes on my dick” lines that fill the records. These are crafted in almost the same vein as The Pack songs. However, these records don’t garner any type of buzz or publicity. In this day and age, good hip hop is frowned upon. So what choice does that leave him if he has dreams of reaching an even bigger stage? Gotta supply the demand, unless your name is Lupe Fiasco.
At some point, once he’s reached his peak, he probably will return to making hip hop tracks. Maybe not. But one thing’s for sure: he knows exactly what he is doing. Only Lil B knows what’s in store for Lil B.


I’ve included some of the better songs from Lil B. Songs, not based freestyles. If you still wish to ignore that this kid is a halfway decent rapper that is just doing all this for a show, do your thing.

I'm God
Real Life
Thank You BasedGod

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