Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hard Out Here For A Pimp


1) I've heard of robbing a bank before to get cash, or even a gas station or convenience store. But this lady walked up to the McDonald's drive thru. She couldn't have made off with more than like $73.50 tops.

2) Panties on your face? You have money to buy gloves to cover your fingerprints but not a ski mask? At least something to cover your blonde hair with? The only thing worse than panties on your face is that stupid mask R. Kelly started wearing after he ate a 13-year-old girl's asshole out on camera. Yeah.

3) She was gully about it though. Reaching in through the window, straight to the register? BAWSE. I haven't seen gulliness like that from a female since "The Wire" went off the air.

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