Monday, October 18, 2010

Why U Hate

Wanna ask the government why yall hate us so much ?
Wanna ask the other color why yall hate us so much?
Wanna ask the law why yall hate us so much?
Wanna ask the prosecutor why yall hate us so much?

Is it our skin color? Or is it the way we talk?
You hate us cause we us? Or you hate us cause we fought?
Is it the way we live? Or is it the way we walk?
We never had shit so it can’t be nothing we bought
The shit yall took us through, probably the reason we off
Our pride we still got it, the only thing we aint lost
Defending ourselves, that was what we was taught
Done been through the roughest times, but all of it ain't our fault
Wish I can add up the years in prison our people's caught
The government, the strippers, we ain't really have a choice
Your peoples go to college, my peoples go to court
Your peoples was born with money, my peoples was born broke
Your peoples lived in mansions, my peoples hung from ropes
Your peoples had it made, all my peoples had was hope
Your peoples had help, all my peoples heard was "No"
My peoples thought about it, your peoples cut our throats
The respect we had for one another, shit, wasn’t even close
We had to entertain, that was our only open door
If we wanted to make it, we had to rap, sing, or try sports
We couldn’t afford a full ride, shit my people poor
My people ain't mad, your people hates us though
But we the one who struggling, so why yall hate us for?
The police want us bad, the judge hate us more
The jury think we guilty before we come through the door
And yall take our money, but yall wont help us though
And yall biggest fear is to see my people grow
But our biggest fear is to die before we turn 24
In every lawyers past design to sink us more
And every time we go to jail, yall get paid though
But when we ask for money, yall slam the door
They say our president black, but we cant tell though
We only got ourselves, now that’s what’s real though
I know yall hate our guts, that’s how yall feel though
But yall ain't gotta like us, just let us live though
And cause we black bro don’t mean we steal though
And just cause we from the ghetto don’t be mean we dumb bro
We just as smart as ya’ll but ya’ll don’t want the world to know
But all we wanna know, is why ya’ll hate us so much?

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