Sunday, October 24, 2010

Three Sides of a Story

I checked my Twitter account the other day and someone sent this video to me with the message "This sounds like something you would Twitter rant about". Obviously, with a tagline like that, I have to check it out. Here's the video for yourself.

It was weird to me because maybe two days prior I received this video:

So in the span of two days, I basically was forced to come face to face with my biggest gripes with reality right now. Which are 1) Women hold the sexual power and set the standards for how men act and treat them, and 2) They are picking the wrong dudes. Sounds pretty simple at first, until you realize that everything in our society simply encourages this behavior, rather than chastise and denounce those who do.

For example, somewhere right now, there's a rapper making a music video about fucking hoes, popping bottles, living the good life, driving 30 whips. Granted, this is dude's first music video ever and he hasn't seen a dime from the music industry, but yeah he can afford all this. Actually, he has to pay for it all because no one's gonna just be nice to someone who looks like this guy.

Granted, NORE of CNN isn't a new rapper, but I chose that picture for the simple fact that he has a Newport iced-out chain hanging around his neck. And instead of calling him a complete idiot for doing that, some woman will still sleep with him. He's probably "balls deep" as I'm typing this blogpost. But I've digressed.

Women hold all of the power sexually. They decide what hoops a man has to jump through, if any, to win their most-prized asset. However, if a woman isn't taught self-love, she will continue to just settle for anything she can get. Men, being hunters due to their DNA*, they pick up on what they need to do to capture their prey. If that means acting like the 6th unofficial member of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, so be it. If that means acting like Steve Urkel, so be it. The bottom line is that men will do whatever it takes to get them laid, until it doesn't work anymore.

I will say the biggest problem I have with the conclusion that I've reached is that women don't realize the error of their ways until after its too late. Then when they've been chewed up and spit out, 2 kids later, when no good man wants them, they want to revert to "Niggas ain't shit" logic. I'm not even going to entertain that in this blogpost. I just wanted to point that out.

It just pains me that we never hear anything about the successful marriages, and about real love. Only the negatives. Life isn't always a rap music video, and it's not always a romantic comedy either. Life moves at its own pace and follows it's own storyline. But if only one storyline gets put on TV, that's all people will see. Impressionable people at that, who hold onto every word and tweet like it was found in a burning bush. As long as people take information from nonreputable sources, we have a long uphill battle to face if we desire our youth to be upstanding citizens in society. Better grab a Snickers now.

*Whether you want to discuss nature vs nurture at this point is actually irrelevant

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