Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sex Sells

One of my favorite artists happens to be Plies. When I tell people this, they automatically assume I'm a fake goon, or whatever. Or that I dress like this:

When actually, that couldn't be further from the truth. Not saying I'm the most noble person on the face of the Earth, but I enjoy his music from time to time. The thing that actually made me a diehard Plies fan is when I stumbled upon this little gem. And I will embed this video because its just that great.

Yes, that is Plies. Yes, the same Plies who makes records like this one. Yes the song is called "Get You Wet". Yes, the song is about all the ways he can get a female "moist". Yes, THE VIDEO HAS BEEN VIEWED A HALF OF A MILLION TIMES!!!!!1!1

Plies has the ability to fluctuate between sheer niggerdom and sheer brilliance, which makes me believe that the goon he portrays is nothing more than a brilliant marketing scheme. In this day and age, sex sells. Only the raunchiest, most obnoxious, most outrageous things get people's attention anymore. You literally have to go bottom of the barrel if you want to raise eyebrows. Case in point:

The key thing about that tweet that I took away from it was "Retweed 100+ times". If you don't want to condone foolishness, don't retweet it for others to support said foolishness. I call it the "Charles Hamilton treatment". Simply ignore it and it will go away.

The reason I can relate to Plies is because I too have had to teeter-totter between ignorance and niggerdom. It's called being a black male at a predominately white college. I would undeniably play up my pigment at certain points, when the mood struck me. It happens. Was I that person all the time? No. Doesn't make me an "oreo". I think more people should realize that you can separate the two. Also, they should acknowledge the power that you have when portraying a minstrel act is voluntary, rather than forced. He who holds the control holds the power.

P.S. As a bonus, allow me to link one of my favorite Little Brother songs, after the nation's lukewarm response to an album titled, no less, "The Minstrel Show"

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