Tuesday, June 21, 2011

World Goes Round

We the victims of slavery
It's still alive
If you think otherwise, I suggest you open up your eyes and face reality of what's going on with you and me
We just on a longer leash with a few more opportunities than they had in the past
My grandma bust her ass and she ain't got no MediCare
Heart crying, she need money from everywhere
Just to pay off all these high ass bills, I'm tryna put her in a high ass crib sitting on the hills
So I know I gotta hustle
I can't go legit 'cause I won't net shit
Gotta make sure that my mama live behind that black vent
Only $7 a hour from the government, that don't make sense
And then they telling me to fill out they lil' applications
If it ain't about no money, by all means, motherfuck your conversation
The same shit goes on
Take a look around you, there's so much that goes wrong
And these folks still tryna hold us down
Things will never change, they gon' always be the same as the world goes round and round

The same old shit
Innocent ones who fall flat
Younger than those who be snitching for confidential slack on the time they gettin’ for crimes they committed and those the ones I feel like shouldn’t be living
Don’t have no responsibility
I’m tryna figure out how these habitual molesters that I be sitting next to sentences always be the lesser to a dope presser
My nigga Woo got 30 years for that white girl
I know amigo got 2 years for playing with little girls
Open your eyes and tell me what you see in your world
Make it better but won’t shit change

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