Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Loook Up To The Sky

And I do this for my culture
All my single mothers pushing strollers, keep pushing
Don’t let that man hold you up
It’s a war going on, get your arms up
Don’t surrender, read more books
They wanna kill us, wanna spit on us
Only in America
I’m more liberal than conservative but old fashioned in that vintage low
Sip Rossi and spit vintage flows
Ask these girls if you ain’t know
I don’t ask and she don’t probe
Keep this on a need to know
That bottle service and that car service
Both get me where I need to go
Money come and go, bankroll it stay
I’m a star, give me space
At a attention and these guns about face
Got a date with destiny, I’m bout a hour late
Before we build I gotta lay the pipe
That’s my devils talking, I’m a angel right?
A sin is a sin is a sin
Don’t judge me, I gotta be the voice for men
Got expensive taste, I need Ferraris on my plate
My motto? “Only date models”
I need this icing and cake, wait
You see this bait? This Supreme. Original fate
Yall washed up, I ain’t showered in days
I live beyond my means, I gotta get paid
I got vision like a running back
I been around like culdesac
I’m drinking Jack and don’t owe you jack
Keep moving like vogues on a Cadillac
I feel alone even when I’m not
Right now I’m in a fish bowl, everybody watch
Will you hold me down or hold me up?
Do you got my back or will you front?

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