Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Getting To Know: Gleams

I was checking out Mostly Junkfood, one of my favorite music blogs as of late, and I stumbled across a new mixtape by a rapper named Gleams. I've heard dude's name before on Twitter but never really gave his music a listen. I read into the article and saw that he truly was a rapper that was leveraging Twitter for all of its potential. It's great to see social media work out in someone's favor. I was so intrigued by Gleams that I asked if he would do an interview for the site. Via email correspondence, I was able to ask Gleams some questions about his influences, Joe Budden in particular, and what we can expect from him in the future. Be sure to check out his latest offering "The Exception".

1. Why do you rap? Not trying to be funny, but what is the main thing you wish to accomplish using rap music?

I rap for listeners, blunt heads fly ladies and prisoners...lol naw lemme chill. I do this music to give the people something true to life and dope at the same time. Also because I'd rather make music instead of be out in these streets self destructing, plus it helps me vent/express my feelings best.

2. The reason you started rapping? What’s your motivation?

My motivation was seeing my favorite artists do what they love and get paid for it. And giving listeners another choice.

3. Your bio says that you’re from New York. How do you feel like that environment influenced your sound as an artist?

The majority of New Yorkers show me what I don't wanna be and how I don't wanna live my life. We're one of the best cities in the world but the people here just wanna do the same thing the next person is doing. I wanna detach myself from being labeled a NEW YORK artist, cuz I hate being put in a box. Still in all i love my city, i just don't like falling into a stereotype with the people who "RUN" it.

4. What are your influences, artists you look up to?

Obviously Joe Budden, John Lennon, Nas, Pac, Hov and Michael Jackson just to name a few.

5. Explain how the whole Joe Budden situation unfolded and how you two initially linked up? Do you guys still have a working relationship and can we expect any collaborations in the future?

Man I was just a fan that got to meet him at a bb kings show cuz of my homie Ice. Shortly after, I noticed Budden was following me. I been to his studio (as a fan) twice, and I never would have imagined what happened at Irving Plaza. We don't have a working relationship, we're just Twitter homies as of now. I'd love to collab with him in the future. We'll see what happens. Anything is possible.

6. What artists do you see as your main competition? Who else is in your lane or do you think you’re carving out your own niche in the rap game?

Only competition for me is the artists I look up to and myself. I don't view the local acts nor other rappers on twitter as comp. And I believe I have begun paving my own way musically, thank God lol.

7. Name one song that describes who you are as an artist. Something for people that have never heard your music.

A song off of “The Exception” called "FYI" will tell you a lot about who I am.

8. Explain your current label situation and when we can expect to hear another project.

I am unsigned, just building my brand and fanbase at the moment. And my next project should come out as soon as I drop the visuals for this project that’s out now.

9. I’ve drawn some parallels between your situation and another Twitter/Internet sensation Kreayshawn. Both of you have leverage what I would like to call “virtual fanbases” into creating a name for yourself, almost overnight. Would you agree with the idea of a virtual fanbase or do you see your fans as something else?

I mean I wouldn't call it a virtual fanbase, but I understand why you label them that. I don't mind what they are viewed as. As long as they support they can be anything but spam bots.

10. Wanted to leave room for you to give a shoutout to anyone in particular, or anyone not on our radars that we should be checking for.

Shouts to #TheCast, LNF and stay tuned to www.THEGLEAMSSHOW.com thanks for your support!

Thanks again to Gleams for doing this interview. He can be found at his Twitter account, which links to his other website.

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