Saturday, February 5, 2011

Opposites Attract

And so he said
Why you gotta be so kind hearted?
Why you couldn’t be a con artist?
Why you couldn’t, why you couldn’t be mischievous or just a lil devious the moment that we first started?
Why you never ask for nothing, just a lil time?
Why you let me use yours ‘cause I don’t got mine?
Why you always lift me up, when I’m completely giving up?
Or when niggas holla what’s up, you give a dry response
Why you giving me your last knowing you ain’t got it?
Why you always buy me something when you going shopping?
Why you tell me that you love me?
Why you always thinking of me, want my company rather than going club hopping
Why you treating my momma like she your momma too?
Why you making promises that you’ll forever do?
Whatever just to make me happy, wanting us to have a family
These are exactly the reasons why I cheat on you

And so she said
Why you gotta be so mean to me?
Why you don’t know what you mean to me?
Why you always playing games?
Why I feel like you ashamed?
Out in public curse me out and make a scenery
Why you got other bitches rolling their eyes at me?
Why text messages poppin up saying “Hi Daddy”
Why you treat me like I’m nothing?
Why you always at a function?
I be wanting to go out but you don’t ever ask me
Why you slip and say her name when we having sex?
Why you always assuming that I still love my ex?
Everytime we get into it I’m the one that’s feeling stupid
You don’t need me, you can leave me, that’s your favorite threat
Why you never how it feel to be lonely?
Why I feel I’m the last option after your homies?
Why you always gotta know that I will never let you go
Even though you get violent and put your hands on me

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