Thursday, December 23, 2010

Never Have Seen

I could never be the universe's smoothest person but I can try right?
Friends asking if I'm ready for the limelight
I tell 'em "Wait and see", I got it all planned
9th Wonder on the beats and they all jam
And that sounds like a wind chime
So move over to the side like the french fries
Most of these kids rhyme atrociously
But babes fiending for my music like Jodeci
Keeping it simple and dumbing it down are different
My pencil is real offensive, killing competitors spirits
Scholars quoting all the lyrics that I write down
Excite entire towns anytime I rock crowds
And narrow minds get catered to
I shine 'cause I was made to
Played too many games as a kid, now I'm ready like P-Troy
Records'll get obliterated, killed and destroyed
They say success breeds contempt so I can tell I made it
The game's contaminated, players get elaminated
I'm glad I made it in time for these kids to watch
Tom Hardy, the gnarliest since Barkley
Narnia status, I'm probably 'bout to win the Carnegie
Caldecot scalding hot lyrics for the spirit
Messing with my team no, can't get near 'em
Flow the most superious, serious, serious
And the only thing I'm fearing is not a fucking thing
I decided to rhyme and I'm riding until I die from it
Making investments now but yet to make a dime from it
And you can smile and say backhanded shit to me but I'ma go down in infamy inside of the industry
Inside of me is G-I-F-T I be the extraordinary Hardy
I'll make it P, and I'm rocking to my own beat
I don't own jeeps
My parents got me a Honda except its on lease
I own the world, I'ma show 'em I mean it
I'ma show 'em they raised me right and the world is gon' see it
I make songs for my homeboys and girls to sing it
I make songs for the whole fucking world to sing it
I'm a fucking genius, I can't lie
I'm special and rode the short bus, that's why

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