Friday, December 3, 2010

I Can Tell Where Your Scars Are

I can tell where your scars are just by the way you walk
And every assault you have endured has ensured your every step
And you are blessed regardless of the animals that have attacked you
And you are pure regardless of who has abused you
I know an angel when I see one
And when our kingdom come it will be you, I and the sun
And we will be one
We will create children and our children will create us
Then every night by the light of the moon I will kiss away your scars to Abby Lincoln tunes
And I will drink perfume that tastes like you
Then I will draw our bathwater warm so we can soak til our soul's reborn
And you will be safe and secure in my arms and it will always be this way
See I can tell where your scars are just by the way you smile
And every night I walk a mile in your shoes
Kiss away your tears and compile your blues
And I will lick every pit from your soul's revelation to your pain's exodus
And when there's nothing left to sip I will massage the tension from your nekkedness
And then lift you in the most effortless way so that you can just slowly ride all your pain away
See I can tell where you scars are just by the way you moan
And every time we spend together I want your life to just keep getting better
Just want your nights to just keep getting wetter
Never want the trust in our relationship to sever
I want you to let your mind go until you ready for handcuffs, candlewax, and blindfolds
I want you feel me inside of you until time slows
And learn to cum so hard it feel like your spine froze
With a smile on your face until the sunshine shows and it will always be like this
I can tell where you scars are 'cause I was born to kiss them away
And make love to you the way you deserve to be made love to
And the way you'll know that it's right is when your nipples become harder than your life is
And after I undress and lay down I'm gonna whisper poems in your ear at frequencies so beautiful that only your clitoris can hear

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