Saturday, December 11, 2010

He Gon' Cry In The Car

1) If you see dude doing those kind of martial arts stances, there's a 15% chance that he's just doing that to scare you and make you think he's nuts. Which, by math standards, means there's a 85% chance that he actually knows what he's doing. Which means you really shouldn't be fighting this dude.

2) If you keep moving around dude and he's adjusting accordingly, you really shouldn't be fighting this dude.

3) There was a female in middle when the argument first started and was escalating. Which leads me to believe that this was probably over the female. HNH.

4) The one guy definitely wasn't prepared to fight. He never even took off his herringbone chain. When real men fight, they at least take off any jewels or whatnot.

5) I use any excuse I can to post clips from "Friday"

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