Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Terrible Rap Names: Yo Gotti Edition

One of my guilty pleasure songs out right now is Snootie Wild's "Stacking & Flipping It". My friend sent that to me, and I loved it instantly. I also couldn't help but wonder if the songs would be much much bigger if perhaps Future or Rich Homie Quan was singing it. Anyway, I looked up the song on Spotify and I was greeted by this album cover artwork.

Apparently Yo Gotti has made it a personal mission to sign 3 artists with some of the worst rap names I've ever seen. Snootie Wild, Zed Zilla and Wave Chappelle sound like characters from a Key & Peele skit. I would be embarassed to tell someone in public that I listened to a rapper named Zed Zilla. And I have to return to Wave Chappelle once again. This is what happens when people give themselves nickname. They all turn out shitty, just like Wave Chappelle. There's no way anyone told him "I think Wave Chappelle is a great rap name" and if they did then they are a part of the problem as well. Stop lying to your rapper friends.

I feel that this chronicling of terrible rapper names will be a recurring thing, as I feel this will happen until the end of time.

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