Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fight Night

I hate TMI conversations. Usually it’s something I could go without hearing, for my own sanity’s sake. I think it aggravates me so much because the convos is always started off with “I know this might be TMI” or “Probably gonna be weirded out but”. No, that doesn’t give you free reign to still say whatever you were going to say. No one wants to hear about the sexual endeavors that you and your boyfriend are embarking on. At least I know I don’t. what you do is your business, and unless I feel like being just a complete asshole to you and telling you you will never know. There’s some stuff I’ve done that I’m taking to the grave. Yeah I said it.

I think it’s hilarious when females get mad that the person they have decided to become domesticated with and settle down with is not acting like the same person they fell in love with. There always seems to be a dramatic power shift once the relationship becomes official and people become more comfortable with their mate. It’s like they have to portray one side of them in order to lure the person in, but once they get a certain level of familiarity with the person then you don’t have to.

Here's an analogy that made sense in my head so I figured I would post it. Let's say you're a boxer that's trying to fight in a lower weight class. Normally, you regular boxing weight is around 170-180 but the guy at 160 is going to provide you a much bigger reward and much bigger challenge than anyone you could fight in your own weight class. So you take on the fight, and do your best to cut the weight while still maintaining your power, and what makes you you. You do all that before the weigh in and you successfully get down to your weight class. 160 isn't your normal walking around weight, but you do what it takes to make things happen. Sure, you could be 160 all year round, but if you don't really have to, why put yourself through that extra hassle? Why not just live comfortably between 170-180 and slim down when the situation calls for it?

Yes, I will pause for a bit to acknowledge one of VA's greatest athletes. Pernell "Sweet Pea" Whitaker. But I have digressed.

You’re only going to do so much once you get signs that your partner isn’t going anywhere. If there no incentive to improve, why would they go the extra mile when they can just go by the way they are? I think the situation goes both ways though. If you don’t voice your unhappiness then you have no leg to stand on when they don’t change. No one is a mind reader, regardless of what Miss Cleo says.

And allow me to use this post to say that domestic violence is wrong, no matter what the circumstances. And if you return to an abusive relationship, you’re just as much at fault. And yes, verbal abuse hurts just as much as physical abuse. Don’t try to love someone who doesn’t love themselves. And I’m out.