Wednesday, November 24, 2010

One Day

I’ve been trying to blog for awhile. I’ve had lots of inspiration but whenever I try to put the figurative pen to paper I always draw blanks. Out here failing worse than Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon trying to have a baby. Too soon?

Anyways, I had quite a bevy of material I could possibly write about. I thought long and hard about writing an article about the ills that Facebook causes relationships. A friend of mine just recently got a Facebook account after a Kanye West-style imposed exile and within a matter of hours it had already caused drama with his significant other. She at first was cool with it, then demanded passwords and the whole nine. It just echoed my sentiments about how people in committed relationships either should have a joint Facebook account or no account at all, but I could never put on my sarcasm hat and give it the witty responses that it needed. I still would like to know why people blame Facebook for all of their relationship ills. Facebook only enhances and shines a light on what was already there. I’m sorry if the guy you have two kids with and never even once brought up marriage is out there sending other chicks messages asking for phone numbers. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire but that’s neither here nor there.

Then I had inspiration to write another piece. A more somber piece about a female college student who committed suicide roughly a week after reporting that one of the school’s varsity football players had sexually assaulted her. I wanted to be respectful of it and not touch on that touchy subject so close to it occurring, until I realized that this news story was actually about an incident that occurred almost 4 months ago that is just now being reported. Then that was like a Pandora’s Box of sorts. It made me wonder why they would go through such lengths to keep it a secret if there was truly no wrongdoing going on. Why would they conceal the identities of the accused, and handle it as an in-house manner? That wouldn’t happen for any other student, why are varsity athletes any different? Then I saw that the incident occurred at Notre Dame, and suddenly I had answers to all my questions. I’ve long since removed myself from that environment and that frame of thinking, but it’s startling to see that some things never change. Take that how you want.

Neither piece had inspired me to write anything, but I did get some inspiration recently. Inspiration from the upcoming holiday season. I don’t know what kind of situations you, the readers, have going on in your lives, but just know that every day above ground is a great one. And you should be thankful for the many blessings you have, whether you are aware of them or not. If you don’t remember the last time you told your family that you loved them, do so immediately after finishing this blog post. It’s that serious.

One day you’re here, and the next day you’re gone.

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