Monday, August 29, 2011

Handcuffs On Ya Mama

It's sad that someone would enter into a relationship with someone they don't see themselves having a future with just to pass the time. In that scenario, someone isn't being honest with the other and false expectations are presented. Which ain't cool. If you can't be honest with that person about what you mean to each other & where you see this whole thing playing out, what your life like?

I had a situation where I let her know from the jump that we were just friends. Nothing less, nothing more. She ended up catching feelings, which is understandable, but we're still cool to this day because we were both honest with each other I don't feel any sense of leading her on, just for sex. We both were upfront about our physical needs.

I don't know man. I just feel like I'm past the stages of lying just to get the pussy. What you won't do, another one will. Oh, I'll tell the small lie every now and then. Sometimes you gotta embellish with the best of them. But I'm too honest to run game. I like to look people in the eye and be 1000% honest with them. That way I don't feel bad about anything that I say.

I told a friend this past weekend that she's the manliest woman I've ever met in my entire life, and that it's really comforting. She took offense, of course, but when she figured out I wasn't joking and was being dead serious, we joked about it and moved forward.

I'm the person that if you need an honest opinion about a situation that you see unfolding in front of you, you can go to. I've hurt a lot of feelings with being honest but hurt feelings are temporary. Deception, & the feeling of being deceived, lasts a lifetime.

I remember I was talking to this one chick and she told me that we needed to fall back because she was "grieving after a loss". She told me she was grieving in May and hasn't hit me up since. That sure is a lot of grieving. Can't keep a real nigga like me down though. Better to get deceived now than down the road.

If I'm done with a person, I have to let them know. I thrive on getting closure. But that's just me. Not everyone takes the hard way out. Not everyone is mature enough to tell the other person "You could do so much better than me and we're just not ready for this right now".

Sometimes, that's just the way that the cookie crumbles. But that's why they sell cookies in packs. Some will always inevitably fuck up. If you bought one big ass cookie from like Subway and that shit fucked up, you'd probably demand a refund on the spot. Enough said.

I'm the oldest almost 24-year-old you will ever meet in your life.

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  1. I can't wait to hear your thoughts on this idea once you turn 30 :)